What is HBD?

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In today’s modern world of high technology and people’s increasing dependence on the internet and mobile devices, many will encounter new terms and lingos. One such term is “HBD” and people have encountered in various posts across different social networking sites. Some people also see “HBD” being posted as comments on internet chat rooms or mobile phone applications. For the so-called internet generation, encountering new terms like HBD is not alien to them. They are the ones that actually coin these new terms and phrases that evenly become so popular and spread to various communities and other parts of the world. As this new generation would prefer to say it, some of their so-called new terms or internet lingo has become so popular or viral that even some of them can’t keep up with what’s the latest. In the case of HBD, some may not notice it but it actually has a simple meaning and it is a mere shortened phrase for “Happy Birthday”. Instead of giving out the whole phrase, this so-called internet generation use the acronym HBD.

Using acronyms and new terms over the internet and mobile phones for example is common among the young people of the internet generation. These so-called urban or internet lingos are coined almost every day with many of these terms being accepted by the general public. some of these shortened words and phrases even become part of normal language with the most popular ones being accepted into the official listing of words of respected and popular dictionaries and institutions. In the case of HBD, it may not become as viral or as popular as other shortened phrases but it actually gives practicality and uniqueness to the common “Happy Birthday” greeting. For one, HBD is as simple as typing only 3 letters over a comment box for example. This literally saves time and effort doing it. After all, people still believe that it’s always the thought that counts. Another reason for using HBD is that it is considered unique and new for younger people.

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