What is HAYOR?

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What is HAYOR?

‘HAYOR,’ or ‘Hayor,’ is actually an acronym for ‘Hit at your own risk.’  This phrase is part of an urban lingo or Internet slang that is supposedly used by drug addicts or people that smoke pot or marijuana.  This phrase is applicable to use when the smoking pot is almost empty or already used up, and so somebody would tell another person that he or she should “Hayor” or ‘hit’ the pot ‘at your own risk.’  In this particular example, saying ‘hayor’ literally serves as a warning to another person before he/she hits the bowl of pot, for example.

Hayor is a common urban lingo or Internet slang for people engaged in smoking marijuana.  People that are not familiar with the activities of pot smokers, for example, may not understand their lingo such as the term or phrase ‘hayor.’  But since many phrases are easily spread across the Internet, for example, many people have also encountered or read from somewhere about terms like ‘hayor.’  Some would go on to ask different friends from the online community, while others would go on searching for the meaning of different Internet slang and terms. Some of these terms also become hot or trending topics in social media sites that they get exposure and become popular, not only among a specific group of people, but also to the general crowd.  In the case of hayor, not all may have encountered this term as it may exclusively be applied to pot smokers.  For those people who see or read this term on online chats, for example, many of them would always wonder what the term or phrase means.  Some may dismiss it as just some form of coded message between different people, while others make some effort and try to know the exact meaning of the term.  Using terms such as ‘hayor’ also makes people seem more cool and part of the ‘in’ crowd and ‘genre,’ and this also explains why some people go to great lengths to know different lingos just to be accepted by a group of friends, for example.

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