What is Halloween?

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Halloween is an annual event or celebration in many countries around the world and is held every 31st day of October. This day is said to be the “eve” of “hallow’s day or evening”. November 1 is often referred to as “All Hallow’s Day” wherein the world of Christianity celebrates the souls of the dead including the saints. With “Hallow’s Day”, then there’s “Hallow’s Eve” referring to the previous day. “Hallow’s Eve” eventually contracted to “Halloween” and is now celebrated more of a joyous feast in many parts of the world.

The celebration and activities involved in Halloween was said to have Christian and pagan roots. Many history scholars point to the Celtic festival called Samhain as the main origin of what has become Halloween in modern times. Samhain literally means the “end of summer” and is particularly important during the ancient times because it marked the end of the harvest season. In the areas around the United Kingdom and Ireland for example, the festival of Samhain was thought of as a commemoration of darker times. The supposed end of summer also marked the beginning of winter and/or darker days. Days starting in the end of October to early November were also believed to be the times when spirits and fairies are freely roaming in the Earth. Included in these spirits are so-called degraded versions of ancient gods. With all these concerns, many people celebrated “Hallow’s Eve” or Halloween with prayers and other activities like the offering of fruits and other candles. Some people also wore costumes to depict and/or repel supposed spirits of the dead and of the evil ones.

The practice in ancient times eventually caught up with the modern world with many people celebrating Halloween with various activities. Some cultures stayed true to the concept of driving spirits away by means of prayers and candle-lighting during Halloween. Other countries meanwhile are more festive in their Halloween celebrations with kids wearing spooky costumes and people going to various celebrations and parties.

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