What is gyaru?

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Gyaru is a Japanese term that literally refers to gals. This particular term started off with a brand of jeans that is known in Japan to be marketed towards the fashion-savvy and young Japanese girls back in the 1920s. From then on, the gyaru term was used over the years to refer to a specific type of Japanese fashion that became a hit in the 1970s and resurfaced again in the early 2000s. For most brands that use the gyaru trend, the typical fashion message is intended for young girls that want a childish, rebellious, and fashion-forward look.

Hair that is bleached or dyed with light and bright colors is typical of the gyaru fashion trend. Many Japanese girls often dye their hair blonde or combine a light color with bright red highlights among many other bright colors. Heavy make-up is also part of the gyaru fashion look. Many Japanese women prefer to have dark shades on their eyes and some also use false eyelashes. To complement the hair and make-up, gyaru fashion also involves decorating the nails with bright nailpolish or accentuates it with studs and jewels. To complete the so-called childish gyaru look, some Japanese women use contact lenses that make their eyes look bigger and sexier. Gyaru also dictates that these young Japanese women wear outfits that are trendy and glamorous.

The gyaru fashion trend has eventually spread to other young women from other parts of the globe. Many girls or so-called “gals” like this trend because of its seemingly fun and fashion-forward sense. Gyaru has also expanded into different sub-types and categories simply because it evolved from the different fashion sense of different people. Bibinba type of gyaru is considered to be the most glamorous subtype since it involves wearing lots of gold and jewelry along with the funky and standard bright hair and makeup. JK Gyaru is a variant of gyaru that involves wearing of school uniforms. This popular trend for the ladies has even crossed over to young men with their own category called gyaruo.

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