What is Guided Reading?

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Guided reading

Guided reading refers to the process where a child reads out loud to a proficient reader who is an adult and receives feedback. The main aim of guided reading is to develop reading skills by guiding the student. The process of having a student read out loud with instructions and correction is an important criterion in guided reading because it helps the student in improving and learning new skills. Guided reading is very common in Wales and England. Within the US, guided reading forms an important part of the reading workshop model. It often involves a teacher holding sessions with groups of up to four kids. Usually, these sessions have clear objectives on what needs to be taught and often last for twenty minutes. While the guided reading happens with one group of kids, other kids are involved in quality group or independent literacy tasks allowing a teacher to focus on the small group without any interference. Guided reading is an activity that is conducted on a daily basis and it can be done both in intermediate and primary levels. Each group holds several sessions with the teacher each week and kids are often grouped based on their reading levels, academic abilities and skill based needs.

Benefits of Guided Reading

Both proficient and struggling students benefit from guided reading sessions. It helps students improve their reading skills and is one of the best tools to help students gain higher comprehension skills. Guided reading helps in identifying a student’s weaknesses and strengthens particular skills. It improves a student’s ability to pay attention to details and builds fluency. Though guided reading, students are able to expand their knowledge or vocabulary and build fundamental skills required for proficient reading. Guided reading is fun for both teacher and students offering a great opportunity for both to enjoy reading together.

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