What is gueule?

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‘Gueule’ is a word with French origins, and it literally translates into ‘a person’s mouth or face.’ When a person overhears a conversation in French with the word ‘gueule’ used, more often than not, the sentence or phrase spoken of will be referring to the face or mouth.  As for the experts, the word ‘gueule’ is actually more of a slang term rather than the standard or common word used when describing a person’s face or mouth, for example.

Many non-French-speaking people may encounter the word ‘gueule’ in the phrase ‘ta gueule.’ This particular phrase translates as ‘shut up’ which is commonly used by some people when trying to pacify another person or stopping an argument.  ‘Ta gueule’ is often used when there is a conflict between two or more people with various verbal expletives being blurted out.  When a person in this particular verbal conflict gets so mad or frustrated, he/she may say ‘ta gueule’ to sort of demand the other person/s to literally not say a word.  For some people, the complete term used is ‘Fermes ta gueule’ and this is also refers to the same thing.  ‘Fermes ta gueule’ still translates into ‘shut up,’ and this phrase is commonly used by French-speaking Canadians especially in the Quebec area.  Most French people use the simpler phrase ‘ta gueule’ though, and this is what’s more common in other parts of the world.

French words such as ‘gueule’ have literally reached many other countries in the world.  Much of this is due to the ‘ta gueule’ phrase being blurted out by some people on the Internet, especially on social networking sites.  Often people would want to demand other people to stop speaking on chat rooms or networking posts by using the French phrase ‘ta gueule.’  This also explains why many people have wondered what this phrase means as they frequently see it on various social networking sites in the form of comments, posts, or chat room conversations.

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