What is Guava?

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What is Guava?
Guava is a tropical fruit from the myrtle family (Myrtaceae). It can be found mostly in tropical climates like in Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Philippines, South America, and parts of Africa. Its tree is quite small and may grow to about 33 feet. Its trunk is very distinct and recognizable because of the flaky texture. It also bears fruits which may be round, oval, or pear-shaped. These fruits are also colored green and are hard to touch when unripe. They will become yellow upon ripening. The inside of the fruit may be yellowish, pinkish or reddish depending on variety. These fruits are best eaten ripe and raw, but may also be made into spreads and jellies.

Guava is said to be native to the area near Central America or South Mexico. Records have shown that guava is already grown in tropical countries as early as 1526. It reached the shores of Florida in the USA in 1847. And from there, guava reached the East Indies and Guam, which probably led to its spread across the Asian and African continents.

Guava is considered a very healthy fruit as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Because of its abundant vitamin C and iron content, guava is said to help alleviate the symptoms of coughs and colds. Guava also is a rich source of fiber which may help people with constipation. The fruit also has a lot of astringent compounds which help with skin care and easing upset stomachs. Guava is also believed to help in the reduction of cholesterol in the blood which may also have an effect in lowering blood pressure. This fruit is also a favorite among dieters because aside from its various nutrients, it is said to be very filling.

Guava fruits may be eaten raw and may also be used in cooking. Many people also make them into juices, cakes, pies, puddings, jams, jellies, ice cream, and/or slice them to be part of fruit and vegetable salads.

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