What is GTS?

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What is GTS?
GTS is an acronym for Gym, Tan, and Smush. It is an urban lingo popularized by “Jersey Shore”, a youth-oriented program on the MTV Networks. It is supposed to mean staying fresh all the time. In this context, one has to engage in the three activities mentioned to feel fresh and cool everyday.

“Gym” is the first part of this urban lingo and it literally means going to the gym to stay fit and fresh. This also correlates to the obsession of many young people to look good to be accepted in the social setup. The younger generation makes up the bulk of viewers for the Jersey Shore program and it is no wonder that working out is considered a cool thing to do. “Tan” is the next part and this refers to tanning of the skin to be part of the “in” crowd. Again, this message is consistent with the program’s push on good looks as necessary to stay cool. The last part of the lingo is “Smush”. This word is an urban slang for sex. As part of the culture of today’s youth, the TV program sorts of worships the idea of sex and takes it as being part of staying fresh on a daily basis.

GTS is said to be a variation of GTL which means Gym, Tan, and Laundry. Obviously, laundry was considered important and it is a sarcastic way of expressing freshness among the youth crowd. One would not be literally fresh if one’s clothes were not washed and laundered. GTL was popularized during the first season of the TV show, and in the succeeding season, this phrase eventually evolved into GTS, replacing laundry with sex.

Some of the student viewers of the show have used GTS and somehow modified it to make it less offensive and vulgar. The “gym” and “tan” is retained but the “smush” is replaced with “study”. So for these students GTS stands for gym, tan, and study.

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