What is GTL Jersey Shore?

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What is GTL Jersey Shore?
In MTV’s reality television show Jersey Shore, GTL refers to ‘gym, tan, and laundry’. The show began airing on December 9, 2009. The cast of Jersey Shore is a group of young adult housemates who live in Jersey Shore. During the winter they travel to Miami, where GTL is explained by the male cast. Essentially, the reality show is about how stereotypical young adults of Italian decent experience and live their lives.

While many of the Jersey Shore cast seems to follow this motto of GTL, the ‘guidos’ take it the most seriously. Traditionally, the slang term ‘guido’ was an insult meaning an unintelligent, unmotivated male of Italian decent, usually in the New York or New Jersey area. However, today ‘guido’ means something quite different amongst the younger generation; it now refers to a young male of Italian decent who is of the lower working class, and may be thuggish, overly macho, interested in style, and/or full of pride or vanity.

The males of the cast’”the guidos’”say that they practice the GTL motto every day. One of the most important reasons they say they practice GTL every day, is because a healthy body is very important. Additionally, they say that in Miami, everyone looks good, and this helps them stay looking good too. The males take the gym very seriously, and enjoy their work outs. After the gym they relax by going to the tanning salon. They say one of the perks of the salon is meeting beautiful women. They also believe it is healthy, rather than unhealthy as many people fear. Additionally, at least one of the male cast has a tanning bed in his house. After the tanning sessions, they do their laundry’”or rather they drop off their laundry at a laundry service to be cleaned.

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