What is Growl?

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What is Growl?
Growl is a notification software that can be used for computers with Mac OS X or Windows operating systems. It is developed by a group of people led by Christopher Forsythe. Various applications that support this particular software will be able to send out notifications to the user, without him/her closing a particular application in use to know the status of another application. Like when a user is waiting for emails to be received, he/she may continue to listen to music or use other applications. And while the music is playing, a notification will pop out that emails were received successfully. In this way, users will receive new information or updates regarding a particular application without necessarily quitting another one that’s running.

The good thing about Growl is that it offers complete control to the user. This means that only notifications from preferred applications may be activated to give out updates or new information. Unwanted and unnecessary notifications may be turned off by the user depending on his/her preferences. Turning an application notification on or off is also made easy by Growl. Users also have to option on the type of notification that is preferred for a particular application. One may opt for an email notification while others may also use sound or a bubble message that could fade in or out.

The use of Growl software also features a preference pane where all preferences and choices in the notification types and behavior are stored. This allows for easy updating and/or re-configuration by the user in case he/she desires to make adjustments on recent notification settings.

The Growl application may be installed along with the installation of some software like Adobe’s Creative Suite 5. Other applications may require additional plug-ins and script for Growl to work properly. Growl’s main website also provides a list of all compatible software applications.

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