What is Green Tea?

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What is Green Tea?
Green tea is a beverage made from unfermented leaves of the plant called “Camellia Senesis”. Though it comes from the same leaves used in black tea, green tea leaves do not undergo fermentation resulting to a grassier flavor. The leaves from black tea are fermented which make the taste bitter.

Tea is considered the most popular beverage after water in terms of consumption. Its cultivation has been credited to countries like China and India, but many other countries in the world also drink tea for its various health benefits.

Green tea consumption has beneficial effects to a lot of conditions and illnesses. One of these conditions is cancer. Green tea contains polyphenol which is said to help in cancer prevention. This substance may also help stop the cancer from progressing by killing the malignant cells in the body. These polyphenols are also said to block the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and promote its excretion as waste, with the overall result of lower cholesterol levels. Green tea is also a big help to those with atherosclerosis or heart disease because of its anti-oxidant properties. People with diabetes can also benefit from green tea with its help in controlling blood sugar in the body. Green tea consumption is also said to aid in reducing weight by boosting the body’s internal metabolism and helping in fat mobilization. Those with liver problems also benefit from green tea’s polyphenol content. Studies have shown that these polyphenols protect the liver from the ill-effects of too much alcohol consumption.

Various other ailments and conditions may respond to the health benefit of green tea. But a single cup once in a while may not be a big help. One has to consume this drink regularly to experience its benefits. Green tea nowadays may be consumed with the classic leaves on the drink, or through ready-to-drink varieties in powder or tablet forms.

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