What is Grcheevos gametype?

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Grcheevos gametype refers to a setup in the video game called Halo – Reach wherein getting the Firefight Achievements will be much easier to do.  Under this gametype, a player can score a lot of points using several Firefight Achievement options like Firestarter, Blaze of Glory, and Game Set Match among many others.

The Grcheevos gametype can also be useful under the Campaign mode.  With this gametype, killing up to 10 enemies will be made much easier with the help of the super-combine explosion. The only concern of Grcheevos gametype under Campaign mode on Halo Reach is that it may be quite difficult to stack up to 10 Needlers to cause the big explosion.  Under the Firefight mode, the same can be achieved using Grcheevos gametype with the damage configured at only 100% level.  Anything more than this level may mean that the enemies will be down even before the big explosion happens.

Halo Reach is a very popular video game that allows players to shoot enemies and destroy other players using different guns and ammunitions.  The game mode on Halo Reach is on a first-person basis which simply means that players will literally assume the act of shooting while progressing through the game.  Players can choose to play alone and deal with programmed enemies or enter a multi-player option. There are also corresponding missions to be accomplished alone or with other players. The enemies are collectively known as the Covenant.  Players of Halo Reach also have corresponding energy shields that absorb any impact made by the firing of weapons or explosions. This shield basically serves as the lifeline of a Halo player in terms of his/her health.  With the level of energy depleted on the shield, the player health will also deteriorate.  In other versions of the Halo Reach video game, one player may also fight against another player via a split-screen mode.  For multiplayer modes, Firefight mode is used to engage in more advanced and difficult challenges.

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