What is Graphic Design?

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What is Graphic Design?
Graphic design is basically defined as the creative process or practice of combining graphics, texts and other formal characteristics and qualities of fine arts. This method is done through audience-centered approach. In most cases, it is used in the marketing industry to create the effective and necessary visual communications. However, unlike fine arts where it is primarily the expression of the artist or maker, this course is always for the service of the demands and needs of the clients.

You could see this type of design almost all around you without even knowing it. There are graphic designs you could see in the morning papers or billboards or the cover of your favorite books. Other most common forms of this design include logos, business cards, advertisements, websites, book design, and brochures. You could also find it in the marketing and promotion industry such as product packaging, posters, newspaper layout, magazine layout and greeting cards.

The other meaning of graphic design refers to the number of professional and artistic disciplines, which are geared towards visual presentation and communications. In order to convey the messages or ideas they wish to construe, there are varied methods used. It is a system, which utilizes, create and combine symbols, images and words for the visual presentation. The designer has the option to use different systems and media such as visual arts, typography and page layout techniques to come up with the desired final results.

Graphic design is basically the universal and free of all the arts. It is all around you ‘“ visuals that identify, explain and decorate or imposing their meanings. Without this process, its structures and organization, it is quite impossible to receive all the messages and information through spoken or verbal medium. Thus, it is an innovative and necessary process, which also currently utilizes desktop publishing software and strategies.

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