What is GPX?

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GPX refers to an eXchange format for GPS or Global Positioning Systems data.  It is also referred to as GPS eXchange Format and is designed to work with various programs and applications that handle GPS data.  Information that may be stored under the GPX format may include site location, land elevation, and time among many others details.  The best thing about the GPX format is that it can be used by various GPS-enabled computer devices and different applications.  This means that any data contained in the GPX format may be used interchangeably between different devices.

GPX format or files is preferred by those who regularly use GPS-related data.  Easy access is the best possible feature of GPX since data such as tracks and routes may be viewed using different programs.  Any GPX file is compatible with other GPS-related software and there is no need for software developers to re-configure system details just to use the information contained in GPX files.  This is all made possible by the XML schema used in the GPX format. Through XML, details such as extensive routes and track lines are created in such a way that they have a common connection point.  Waypoints on the other hand are independent and correspond to a single distinct point.

Users of GPX data can easily be exchanged to other users with GPS-enabled devices.  In the case of a person who decides to go to a remote location in the country for example, he may seek GPX data from other users who have previously been to that particular location.  Searching online may also provide various GPX data that are recorded by other people who already went to different places and locations in many parts of the world.  Regardless of what GPS-enabled device they are using, the GPX data they stored and shared can easily be accessed using one’s own GPS-enabled device.

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