What is Gore Tex?

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Gore-Tex is a high performing durable fabric that is wind and water resistant but allows air flow. Gore Tex fabrics are mostly used for making hiking and walking boots as well as mountain jackets. Gore Tex is different from normal synthetic fabrics such as nylon in the sense that it prevents water from passing through but allows air to flow in and our freely. This ensures that users remain dry on the inside and outside throughout. Gore Tex fabric is made through a lamination process that creates an air permeable but water impermeable fabric. Gore Tex fabric is of three types. It is necessary to have a clear idea of what activities one will be engaging in before buying Gore Tex products. This is because the type of fabric you pick is largely determined by the nature of activities as not all fabrics are designed for same use.

Maintaining Gore Tex Products

Gore Tex products are not only designed to last, but they are also easy to maintain. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure they serve you better and last longer. Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer for best results. For Gore Tex garments, washing with machine with warm water and little fluid detergent is allowed. Powder detergents, conditioners, softeners and chlorine bleach should be avoided as these often have an impact on a garment’s performance. Line drying or tumbling Gore Tex garments dry is appropriate. Where tumbling dry proves difficult, the garment can be ironed dry with a warm steam-free iron box. Place a cloth or towel between the iron box and the garment so that the durable water repellent treatment is re-energized. Home cleaning is highly recommended for Gore Tex garments. However, if for some reason you need to engage a dry cleaner, ask them to clean using purified hydrocarbon solvent when rinsing and follow manufacturer directions.

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