What is Google Chrome?

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Google Chrome is a web browser developed by search engine giant Google. This web browser is designed to be faster than all available browsers, simple to use and secure.

Google chrome was first released in its beta phase on the 2nd of September in 2008, followed by the mainstream release 11th of December that same year. According to Net Applications, as of October of 2010, Google Chrome has already captured approximately 8.47% of web browser users, making it the third most used web browser.

According to Google, Chrome is able to provide a fast browsing experience: from loading web pages to running complex web applications. This is thanks in big part to V8, a new generation JavaScript engine that was specifically developed by Google to make browsing the experience ‘lightning fast’.

Its simplicity lies not just in the web browser’s clean and streamlined visual design, but also in the way that the features that are designed to be user friendly. For instance, search and navigation can be done from the same box, and tabs can be arranged however the user wants.
Security is another issue that Google Chrome addresses because of its integrated malware protection (such as sandboxing, which helps prevent malware from attaching itself to your computer), phishing protection and automatic updates.

Google subsequently released a Google Chrome version for Mac OS X and Linux. In May of 2010, Google Chrome 5.0 was released, the first stable release to support the Mac, Linux and PC platform.

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