What is Google Buzz?

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What is Google Buzz?
Google Buzz is a “social networking” type of tool available for GMail users. GMail is Google’s internet-based email platform and with the Google Buzz feature, users will have more features for messaging and social networking. Similar to other social media sites, Google Buzz allows for posting and/or sharing of various media like photos, videos, and music. Website links can also be shared with other people along with personal blogposts.

Google Buzz is not only a feature that can be experienced by GMail users on computers and laptops. This particular application is also available for mobile phones, expanding its reach to more of Google’s users and fans. With the ever-increasing popularity of Facebook and Twitter, Google Buzz offers another social media alternative for its users.

One of Google Buzz’ key feature is the automatic saving of friends who email a particular user. This makes for an instant and fast way of communicating and interacting with people. One may also opt to publish posts specific to some group of friends only or open it for viewing by anybody. Google Buzz also allows for easy integration of other sites frequently visited by a particular user. So if a user wants to share posts or photos and other media from Flickr, Twitter, or Picasa for example, he/she can easily import items from these other sites. Communication is also made easier through the integration of the users inbox. With every update on a particular message or post, it will automatically be updated on the email in a thread-like fashion. But most important for some is Google Buzz’ filtering capabilities. This means that users will not be bombarded with irrelevant news and updates and instead will have the tools to select which items are desired. As for mobile phones, Google Buzz can also be availed on Androids and iPhone handsets and mobile internet devices.

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