What is Goal?

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What is Goal?
Goal is a designated area or zone in sports where a ball or a puck is received in order to get a score. A goal can mean this physical space, which is usually a rectangular area which is marked around the perimeter; and the receiving post which is usually composed of a netted metallic structure which stops the ball or puck (the vertical posts are called the goal posts and the vertical bar the crossbar). Goal can also pertain to the actual act of scoring, which means that the ball or puck made it between the goalposts and under (or in some cases over) the crossbar.

Goals are employed in many games as a scoring method, more popular of which are football, rugby, hockey and lacrosse. In sports such as football and ice hockey, there is a person designated specifically to keep the opponents’ team from scoring. These designated score fielders are called goalies or goalkeeper. They are assigned to man and guard the perimeter of a goal and their primary function is to deflect the balls that are threatening to go within the goalposts. Goalies can usually be seen tumbling and diving in response to fast moving balls being shot towards the goal.

Some of the most famous goalies include football players Brazilian Rogerio Ceni, Paraguayan Jose Luis Chilavert, and English football player George Kitchen.

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