What is Go Daddy?

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What is Go Daddy?
Go Daddy is a company that offers web hosting services and is considered the biggest Internet domain registrar in the world. But aside from web hosting and domain name registrations, Go Daddy is also involved with selling electronic business software and services. The main company is called The Go Daddy Group, Inc. and GoDaddy.com is considered the flagship company. Other companies that are part of the Go Daddy group include Wild West Domains, Starfield Technologies, Domains By Proxy, and Blue Razor Domains. These other companies offer a variety of services like reselling of domains, private registrations, research, and domain registrations that are membership-based.

It was in 1997 when Go Daddy was founded by a man named Bob Parsons. Since then, Go Daddy has become the biggest internet domain registrar in the world with more than 48 million domain names under their group. According to ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Go Daddy is indeed the largest in the domain name business and is said to be about four times bigger than the next biggest company in internet domain registration. Part of the reason for Go Daddy’s success is that they offer products and services which are said to be up to 70% lower than competitors.

Besides internet domain registration, Go Daddy also offers website creation and development services, personalized email services with anti-SPAM and anti-phishing capabilities, e-business tools and solutions among other things. The company also develops their own technology and do not involve in outsourcing operations and vital services to fully support customers around the globe.

Today, Go Daddy is even increasing in terms of popularity. This is largely due to its “racy” ads on sporting events like the Super Bowl. The company has also expanded its marketing reach through deals and sponsorships in the field of sports, other than football.

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