What is GMX?

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GMX or Global Message eXchange is a webmail service that is offered for free.  Aside from the standard email services, GMX also offers file storage and other data handling services to its subscribers. The first version of GMX was released by GMX Internet Services back in 1997.  Under the GMX.net website, GMX is offered in German.  On the other affiliate site, GMX.com, other languages are offered for its subscribers and these include English, Spanish, and French.

For most people, the best feature of GMX is that it offers unlimited email storage for those under the GMX.com website.  This simply means that users and subscribers need not worry in terms of how many email messages they can keep under their own accounts.  There are also no worries in terms of the attachments that usually come along with various email messages.  Aside from the standard email storage, the GMX webmail service also offers file storage services to its subscribers for up to 2GB.  This is especially beneficial to people who needs to view and retrieve important files whenever and wherever they are in the world.  Frequent leisure and business travelers for example are the target audience for GMX’s free file storage services.

Another great thing about the GMX webmail service is that it allows the sending and receiving of email with attachments of up to 50 MB.  This is especially beneficial to people who wish to share very large files.  Common webmail service providers have certain limits of only 5 to 10 MB in attachments.  So for people who frequently need to send out large files, the 50 MB limit will certainly prove to be very flexible and helpful.  In terms of user accounts, each person is also allowed to register up to 10 alternate email addresses.  Instead of having to accept with only one account connected to the webmail service, subscribers to GMX can connect up to 10 email addresses to their main GMX account.

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