What is Gmail?

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What is Gmail?
Gmail is a free email service provided by Google, Inc. It started to be seen on the web in the year 2004. The first Gmail accounts were actually given out to people, like employees, their friends, and family members. These first few people who had access to Google’s email service were allowed to invite other people to avail of the service. Today, Gmail has grown to millions of subscribers and continue to become popular because of its many features.

First good feature of Gmail is allowed storage. Most other free email service providers like Hotmail and YahooMail have very limited storage spaces for members. Gmail entered the scene with 1GB of free storage, which created much interest for people with increasing storage needs. 10MB is also allowed in email attachments, allowing people to send bigger files containing music and/or video.

Gmail also allows the import of contacts from other email providers, making it very hassle-free for new subscribers. It also features Google ads in text-only versions, eliminating unwanted pop-ups and graphical ads that people usually ignore or do not like. One can also have instant access to a chat room using Gmail. Once a user is logged-in, chat features are enabled automatically so he/she can communicate immediately with friends or family. Chat history and transcripts are also available for review and printing. There is also a “Google Talk” option which is used to make free calls using your very own computer.

Gmail takes advantage of Google technology in terms of search requirements and organization of messages. It also prides itself for having less spam or unwanted email because of its built-in security features. Today, Gmail has become the third biggest email service provider behind Hotmail and YahooMail. But with more storage space given to users, and the instant chat and Google talk options, Gmail’s popularity is expected to grow.

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