What is gluten free?

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Gluten free refers to food items or preparations that excluded gluten in the ingredients. Gluten is a protein found in various food items like wheat, bread, cereals, pasta dishes, and some desserts. For people who are allergic to gluten, they are often advised by nutritionists to take food items that are labelled gluten-free.

Most people know gluten as an ingredient that can be found in various carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, wheat items, and pasta. Aside from these food items, gluten can also be found in beer, processed cheese, and even in soy sauce. When it comes to trying to find food items that are gluten-free, one may need to consult with food experts to make sure that what is chosen is actually free from the possibly harmful gluten stuff. For those allergic to this ingredient, they may have various gastro-intestinal related symptoms like diarrhea, pain in the stomach area, and even weight loss. Most people with have these symptoms but others may also have constipation instead. There are also others with pain in their joints and affectations in other parts of the body. This is especially true for people suffering from celiac disease. Patients with this medical disorder are the most common people to be advised to have a strictly gluten-free diet. Any gluten in their diet will basically make them sick which starts off with chronic diarrhea symptoms.

Aside from sufferers of celiac disease, some people who have allergic reactions or intolerance to gluten may also be advised to take food items that are gluten-free. Aside from the standard carbohydrate staples like wheat and pasta for example, gluten-free diets may use alternatives such as corn, rice, and other related grains for people’s energy needs. Those with gluten intolerance may also be advised to choose specific flours that can help them with their condition. Flours that contain ingredients that have low-glycemic index are considered helpful to those who are in gluten-free diets.

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