What is GLSEN?

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GLSEN stands for Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and it is an organization founded by Kevin Jennings back in 1990 to promote a discrimination-free environment in schools regardless of one’s sexual orientation.  GLSEN basically works to help all students have a normal life in school and not be bullied on or discriminated against for simply being gay, lesbian, or straight. GLSEN holds its main offices in New York and District of Columbia and has several chapters spread throughout many schools in the US.

In the typical school setup, many school children are given a different treatment just because of their sexual orientation.  Some are being scorned and laughed at just because of their appearance.  Some are also being bullied by other students simply because of their seemingly gay or lesbian ways.  With all these concerns going on in the American educational system,  GLSEN is continuously striving to help students have a normal, peaceful, and happy life at school and this is regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

To support gays, lesbians, and straight students GLSEN also works in coordination or supports other gay and straight groups and alliances to promote their cause.  They also help organize various activities to increase awareness of their campaigns and to help educate all students and other people regarding the rights of all students as members of the school or society despite their sexual orientation.  Activities such as “No Name-Calling Week” and “Think Before you Speak Campaign” are held regularly in schools across the US to emphasize the right to respect of all students in terms of verbal communication and abuse despite their being gay, straight, or lesbian.  GLSEN also provides the school faculty members support in terms of handling gender or sexual orientation-related concerns by means of resources or consultations.  Overall, GLSEN aims to provide students a venue for supporting others who may have some concerns regarding their regular experience at school.

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