What is Global Climate Change?

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What is Global Climate Change?
A remarkable change in the temperature of the Earth is commonly known as global climate change. Over time, people experience extreme change in climate. A little alteration in temperature may cause extensive impact on the organisms living on Earth. A sudden drop or increase in the Earth’s temperature, no matter how little is already considered a climate change. Modern people call it global climate change as the phenomenon is felt globally.

Climate change has been a controversial topic since people felt the changes in climate across the globe. Scientists believe that the sudden change in climate affecting the globe is mostly caused by human activities. Such activities are those that involve burning oil, fossil fuels and coal, in which all results in the same by product, which are the carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is utilized by the plants in food processing. However, human activities include cutting down of trees as part of modern day living. People rely too much on the Earth’s natural resources such as the trees. The drawback is that too much carbon dioxide is emitted from human activities, while the trees go down in numbers. The result is that the carbon dioxide becomes excessive as not enough plants utilize the carbon dioxide.

Plants transform the carbon dioxide into oxygen for human. However, since not enough plants are able to convert carbon dioxide, the gases are trapped in the atmosphere. When this happen greenhouse effect occurs. It is the process when carbon dioxide captures solar heat resulting to global warming.

The biggest problem is the large-scale deforestation, which is not only happening in certain parts of the Earth, but virtually in every country. Moreover, the production of methane gas, which is known to be a by-product of human activities such as mining, rice paddies, livestock farming, and landfill. The employment of commercial fertilizers also contributes to the global warming since it gives off nitrous oxide, which is known as one of the pollutants contributing to global climate change.

Global warming is very evident as scientists noticed that the ice in the North Pole is already melting. This causes the sea level to rise, which reduces landmasses and coastlines. Hurricanes are also likely to become common due to the hot and moist air caused by global warming.

Another evidence of global climate change is the reduction of the number of animal species. Polar bears have decreased in numbers since they are losing their icy habitat. Animals used to cold weather suddenly decreases in number due to the heat the Earth is emitting. Animals living in cold climate will not survive a hot climate thus resulting to their extinction.

Today, majority of the people are campaigning to save the Earth from global climate change. Simple changes in lifestyle can bring a huge impact in saving the Earth. Governments from around the world are urged to support various ‘Save the Earth’ movements. Learning to save water, electricity and refraining from the use of pollutants will bring great effect in saving the Earth. If people will continue to destroy Earth, there will be nothing left for the future generation and human race will also come to its extinction.

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