What is ginger good for?

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Eating ginger has many health benefits according to health experts. Ginger is widely popular in treating patients who are suffering from a loss of appetite, nausea after post surgery or cancer treatment, upset stomach, flatulence, motion sickness and morning sickness, among others.

Patients who are also experiencing symptoms of bronchitis, arthritis, menstrual cramps, upper respiratory infection and muscle pain also opt to take ginger.

Health benefits of ginger

Below are the many health benefits of ginger as well as the respective treatments for each symptom or sickness.

1. Individuals who have been experiencing loss of appetite can eat fresh ginger before meals.
2. Ginger aids in the improvement of the body’s absorption of the needed nutrients.
3. Those who are suffering from sinuses can also take some ginger since it is popular in clearing the body’s ‘microcirculatory channels’.
4. Those who are feeling nauseous, especially those who just finished their cancer treatment or had surgery should chew on fresh ginger.
5. Those who are pregnant can also chew ginger to help them with their morning sickness.
6. Ginger also helps those suffering from airsickness
7. Ginger is also recommended for those suffering with flatulence.
8. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and as such it is recommended for those suffering from joint pains or arthritis. Patients who have aching joints can use ginger oil during their shower.
9. Ginger can also help those with colds and coughs as it help clears passageways. Ginger can be boiled with water, and patients must take the broth.
10. Ginger can also be taken to boast sexual appetite as it has aphrodisiac properties.

Ginger is safe to take in most case. It however also has some side effects including discomfort in the stomach, heartburn and diarrhea. Some experts also warn that ginger may cause an increase in bleeding.

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