What is GHB?

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What is GHB?

GHB is short for gamma hydroxybutyrate, a drug popular among teens and adults that are always involved in partying and going to clubs.  Many countries consider this drug as an illicit drug or have it regulated in terms of sale and use.  This drug is also known as 4-hydroxybutanoic acid or sodium oxybate.

In the medical field, GHB is a prescription drug for people who need anesthesia.  Common uses for this drug include clinical depression, sleeping disorders, and alcoholism. There are also instances that this particular drug serves to enhance the athletic abilities of one person.  Because of its psychogenic effect, GHB is commonly used and abused for recreation.  Users of this drug are said to experience an emotional and psychological high after intoxication.

With reference to another recreational pill called Ecstasy, GHB is also widely known as the liquid version of this drug.  Because of heightened mental functions, many people get addicted to GHB.  It is frequently used by teenagers and adults who love to go to discos and bars. GHB is also a popular date rape drug, especially among teens.  Aside from its liquid form, GSB also has a powder form which can be taken as is or mixed with drinks.

GHB is also known to cause several side effects, with many of them very serious.  This is the reason why this drug is strictly regulated or considered illegal in most countries around the globe.  If mixed with alcohol, GHB’s effects on the brain could even be more potent.  Side effects of this drug may include vision problems, light-headedness, and vomiting.  In more serious cases, people could also lose consciousness, have difficulty breathing, and may even go comatose.  Some people have even been reported to die because of GHB intoxication and addiction.  Immediate medical attention should be given for those who experience any side effect of this drug.

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