What is GHB bodybuilding?

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GHB refers to a substance called gamma-hydro butyrate. It can be found naturally in various parts of the brain and it can be sourced synthetically from citrus fruits and some animals. In the medical community, GHB is used in the treatment for conditions such as narcolepsy. It is also used by some doctors in the treatment of patients who have alcohol problems. Its main effect is to cause depression of the central nervous system and therefore becomes effective as an intoxicant. Many recreational users abused this substance because it mimics alcohol and drug use in terms of its effects. In the case of bodybuilding, GHB is also used by some people because of its supposed effect on the human growth hormone. Aside from its depressant effect, GHB is said to increase the secretion of growth hormone in the brain during sleep. For bodybuilders, increase in growth hormone literally means increase in chances of growing their muscles bigger and leaner. In this sense, GHB bodybuilding literally refers to bodybuilding that is supported by taking GHB supplements.

Most GHB supplements are marketed towards the bodybuilding community as something that can help with increased secretion of growth hormone and faster muscle bulking or growth. For most people, this is the only thing that they know about GHB drugs or supplements. For some people, bodybuilding with the help of GHB supplementation makes their efforts easier and more fruitful in terms of gaining more muscle bulk. Based on research, it only takes a small dose of oral GSB to literally build more muscle through the activation and secretion of more growth hormone.

GHB-based bodybuilding is not completely safe though when the experts are asked on the subject. Dosage should also be monitored to prevent possible side effects of the drug. With the main effect on the central nervous system, side effects of GHB bodybuilding may vary from one person to another. Some people will have better sleep while others may not be able to sleep at all. Too much GHB may also interact with other substances and hormones in the body which may be a health concern.

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