What is Ghana?

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What is Ghana?
Ghana is a country located in the Western part of Africa. Its official name is the “Republic of Ghana” and has a total population of 24 million people. To the west of Ghana is Ivory Coast and Togo is on its east. To the north, Ghana is bordered by Burkina Faso and the southern part of the country is bordered by the Gulf of Guinea.

The first inhabitants of Ghana were mostly from the Akan Kingdoms. The Empires of Ashanti, Akyem, Bonoman, Akwamu, and Fante are part of the Akan rule. The Akans were considered to be wealthy and to have lots of gold during Ghana’s pre-colonial times. Ghana first made trade with the Portuguese back in the 15th century, but it was the British that established the “Gold Coast Crown colony” in 1874. Because of this, much of Ghana is able to speak English, making it the country’s official language. By the year 1957, the British colonizers formally gave Ghana its independence.

As a country created as a parliamentary democracy, Ghana continues its growth as one of the leading economic forces in Western Africa. The country is also divided into 10 administrative regions with the Greater Accra region being the site of its largest city, Accra. The country’s judicial system is said to be patterned from British common law, the country’s 1992 constitution, and traditional law. Leaders of the country are chosen and elected by universal suffrage.

Ghana’s economy is considered the fastest-growing in Western Africa. And true to its rich history in gold, the country remains to be one of the biggest producers of gold. Ghana also is rich of other natural resources and is a major exporter of oil, cocoa, diamond, timber, and manganese. The agriculture sector also plays a major role in helping Ghana’s economy to continuously grow over the years. Tourism is also a growing sector for Ghana owing to its political stability, low crime rate, and the English language used by locals.

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