What is GGV?

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What is GGV?

GGV is short for GNOME Ghost View and it refers to a front-end application that is able to handle and view Postcript files as well as PDF files. This application is specifically designed for Ghost view and allows the Ghostcript service to run in the background while it renders any Postscript file for either viewing or printing.  Many people prefer using GGV in terms of handling Postscript file because it provides a very basic and easy to learn user interface.  Unlike other Postscript viewing software, GGV makes it easy for users to view different PDF and Postscript files.  GGV even allows for image panning and records common usage functions by the user.

When using GGV, users can easily distinguish which buttons are necessary in terms of viewing or printing certain files.  A side bar is provided on the left part of the application and it provides ease to the user in terms of accessing different pages.  In cases wherein users need to put markings on the pages, a simple button is provided for doing so.  Users are also able to put marks by a simple click of the mouse button.  In terms of printing options for Postscript files, users can choose to print all documents or pages or print only those that have been marked.  This GGV feature basically gives flexibility to the user.  Many people prefer GGV over other applications because it is able to provide a high quality Ghostsciprt file in the form of Postscript or PDF image.

GGV or GNOME Ghost View is part of the GNOME Project which is a collaboration between GNOME users, software developers, and various artists. With this collaboration, the GNOME software platform was born.  In the past most collaborations by different players in the software application industry are done on a per project basis. This scheme has later evolved though into something more open which basically broadened the appeal and reach of the whole GNOME Project.

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