What is GGE?

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What is GGE?
GGE means Gasoline Gallon Equivalent. It is a unit of measurement or a factor used in determining the amount of energy of a particular alternative fuel for it to equal the energy given by a gallon of gasoline. This allows consumers to compare items like gasoline prices versus other fuel sources which are tagged with the same GGE units.

Most customers are more or less familiar with how much energy a gallon of gasoline can give a particular car. If the same customer wishes to check out other fuel alternatives, he or she would to have to compare if gasoline is more cost-efficient than an alternative fuel. But doing this comparison will be difficult, if not impossible, for the simple reason that other fuel sources are not measured in the same way as gasoline.

CNG or compressed natural gas is an example of alternative fuel source for vehicles of today. This type of gas is said to be more earth-friendly and less expensive. But as the name suggests, this alternative fuel source is a form of gas. And naturally, CNG is commonly measured in a different way and labeled in different units like cubic feet to measure volume, pounds (lbs) to measure weight, or in terms of BTU or British thermal units. If this is the case, comparing energy content and prices will be difficult for consumers. Through GGE labeling, consumers know that the base comparison or unit measurement for this particular alternative fuel source can be expressed in the gallon equivalent for gasoline. One GGE of CNG for example would mean it has the same energy with one gallon of gasoline.

But for those who are still confused with the computations involved in determining the energy equivalents of various alternative fuels to that of one gallon of gasoline, various conversion charts are offered by many companies as part of their service. With these charts, a consumer will only need to look up to the detail/s he/she needs to make an informed decision regarding his/her fuel needs.

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