What is GFCI protection?

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What is GFCI protection?

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and it is a type of convenience or electrical outlet that gives protection from electrocution or electrical shock. As its name suggests, this particular outlet is able to ‘interrupt’ the electrical circuit or flow whenever the so-called ground fault is able to escape from the circuit.

In a typical electrical setup, the outlet will simply help appliances to function by way of allowing the electrical charge to flow from the wiring to the appliance. Whenever a part of the electrical circuit is damaged liked a pulled wire for example, this wire may accidentally touch other part and may cause the ground fault to and possibly cause electrocution to the person using an appliance for example. When this happens, serious injuries may result with some even resulting to death.

With the use of GFCI equipped outlets, the chances of electrocution will be very minimal as the system will be able to shut the electricity off once it can sense that there is an electrical leak. Under normal circumstances, the electricity will flow from the hot terminal to the neutral terminal. This is what happens when appliances are working properly and the electrical outlet is in its proper condition. Whenever there is a short circuit for example, the flow of electricity may go from the hot terminal to the ground terminal at the center. When this happens, the so-called ground fault may spread towards the hands or legs of the person using the appliance. This unfortunate incident will be avoided with GFCI protection provided by the outlet. The outlet itself will basically monitor and control the right flow of electricity. Any time an imbalance is detected, it will shut the whole circuit off and prevent electrical shock. Ground currents of as low as 4 milliamps will be interrupted in less than second and this makes GFCI outlets very safe for people.

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