What is Geometry?

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Geometry is a term used to refer to a branch in mathematics that deals with geometrical objects such as straight lines, points and circles and other shapes. However, circles are the most elementary of geometric objects. The term geometry was derived from a Greek word, ‘geo’ which means earth and metron, meaning measure. These words reflect its actual roots. However, Plato knew how to differentiate the process of mensuration as used in construction from the philosophical implication of Geometry. In essence, Geometry in Greek implies earth measurements. Geometry was first organized by Euclid a mathematician who was able to arrange more than 400 geometric suggestions. Being one of the early sciences, it is the substance of most developments and it was believed that it has been in use way before in Egypt. Evidence shows that geometry dates back to the days of Mesopotamia in 3000 BC and is attributed to numerous developments since its discovery.

Importance of Geometry in day-day life

People operate with space and are surrounded by things with varied shapes every day. Geometry enhances the ability of people to understand space and acquire knowledge on the use of space. This is in relation to space and the size, shape and position of things within that space. Geometry also offers people knowledge to enable them handle measurements and establish how lines, surfaces, angles and solids are related. While there are people who think in terms of size and shapes, others use visual abilities to think. An understanding of geometry enhances visual thinking because it enhances imagination enabling a person to see the big picture. In workplaces, geometry plays an important role in enhancing success in technological and scientific fields. It is important in promoting the utilization of the two sides of the brain in an individual. Usually, the left side is more technical and logical whereas the right side is more visual and creative. Geometry touches on all these elements allowing for full utilization of a person’s brain capacity.

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