What is Geocaching?

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What is Geocaching?
Geocaching is a new form of hobby in which a person or group of persons are given the opportunity to explore the world. Geocaching makes use of a GPS or Global Positioning System device. It is now considered as a popular outdoor sporting hobby. Geocaching is an interesting hobby, though it is also considered expensive.

This sporting activity involves two parties composed of groups of people. The two parties will separate where one would hide a cache to any part of the world and the other party will search the hidden cache. By using a GPS, the party will document the latitude and longitudinal coordinates of the cache location. A cache is a plastic container that contains small articles such as toys or coins.

The coordinates of the location of the hidden cache along with other related information will be announced publicly. Geocaching.com is the internet site in which geocachers use to post information about hidden caches from around the world. Participants will find the hidden caches using their own GPS devices along with maps and clues. Geocachers who find the hidden cache usually take some of the items contained in it. Some leave other items for those geocachers who might look for the hidden cache in the future.

Discovery of hidden caches may be unexpectedly rewarding. This is for the reason that geocachers do not have any idea what items geocaches contain. Presently, geocachers are making the hobby more complex but fun and interesting. The party hiding the cache makes it more difficult as they sometimes hide caches underwater. There are times that the caches are hidden on tree tops. What makes present geocaching more interesting is that hidden caches contain instructions on how to find the next hidden cache.

The hobby can be compared to the classic children’s game ‘hide and seek.’ However, geocaching is the high-technology hide and seek or the modern day ‘hide and seek’ game. The fun thing about geocaching is that seekers will have the opportunity to log in the date when they find the hidden cache. Caches are often water-proof containers that contain logbook. However, there are also caches that are made of metal such as the ammunition boxes. Others use Tupperware products or other similar containers. Seekers are often surprised to what the cache contains. Sometimes trading items are housed inside the hidden caches.

As of now, there is approximately over 1 million geocachers who are actively participating in this high-tech game of hide and seek. Hidden caches are presently placed in more than a hundred countries around the world. The history of geocaching can be traced back from the year 2000. It was believed that the game was inspired by the more than a century old game known as letterboxing.

There are several websites dedicated for geocaching. Typically, these geocaching sites have similar rules. Generally, geocaching does not allow including items that are considered dangerous such as deadly weapons. Items that promote pornography are also prohibited. Today, the most popular geocaching website is the geocaching.com.

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