What is Gelato?

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A yummy frozen treat, Gelato is an Italian style ice-cream containing comparatively less fat and air. It differs from ice cream in the serving style as gelato is served at a little high temperature. Water base or a cream base is frequently used for the preparation of gelato. These two ingredients differentiate gelato from a French similar dessert named sorbet. But sorbet is never made using dairy. The concept of gelato is different in different countries. For example in US, a gelato can never be called as ice cream because according to them ice cream contains ten percent of milk fat whereas gelato is made up of eight percent milk fat, which is actually healthier than ice cream from nutritious point of view.


Gelato has less air than ice cream and if it’s prepared properly then its structure becomes elastic, dense and thick. Many desserts are considered as incomplete without the addition of gelato in it. It is available in many Italian parlors presenting the variety of flavors and textures. The recipe of a traditional gelato differs from the gelato made today. A traditional gelato contains a very low amount of butter fat. In US, about 4% to 8% of gelato is actually butter fat where as in ice cream there exist 14 percent of butter fat. So here comes the difference with the freezing stuff. Gelato is less freeze as compared to the ice cream, and as it is a little warmer than ice cream, so it melts in your mouth the moment you eat it. An advantage of gelato over ice cream is that it gets frozen very quickly and then it can be easily stored in small batches for future use. Some people enjoy gelato with its original flavor while others use it as a combination with some other desserts to give it a flexible taste and texture.

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