What is GDE for Android?

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GDE refers to a homescreen replacement software or app for devices that run on the Android platform or operating system. Android is a freeware specially designed for mobile devices like cellular phones and computer tablets. Developed by various developers under the support of Google, Android has become the most widely-used operating system in today’s mobile devices. With Android’s popularity among various computer tablet and mobile phone brands in the world, many people and software developers have already become board of the standard homescreen in Android devices. With the clamor for a homescreen update, GDE was introduced and instantly became a hit for the millions of Android fans.

GDE is considered a very stable application and features various homescreen modes depending on one’s preferences. One popular homescreen mode is called the Cube mode and as its name suggests, the homescreen is transformed into a spinning cube. Applications and mobile widgets are displayed on various parts of the cube making the homescreen experience more fun and refreshing. Another popular homescreen mode or transition setting is called Fade and this mode strategically fades in and out various applications while transitioning one from the other. For other users who still cannot let go of the original homescreen or desktop mode, they can also choose the GDE Normal Cubed option. This homescreen transition mode basically combines the appearance of the standard or normal homescreen and mixes it with some spinning cube graphics for a better visual effect.

For most Android mobile device fans, the feature of GDE is its low and reasonable price. At less than 5 US dollars, Android users can enjoy the multiple homescreen features of GDE. Users of GDE can use up to 7 different homescreen transitions that fit their mood and preferences. For some people, especially the tech-savvy group, the application’s stability and the ease it provides when accessing mobile apps are the best features of GDE.

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