What is GCD?

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What is GCD?
GCD stands for Grand Comics Database, an online-based project created to build comic book information database. This catalog of information was established to offer easy to understand collections of records about comics in general. It was also designed in a way that every comic fanatic and enthusiast could conveniently retrieve the data he needed. Moreover, it is a venue in the internet where you could contribute your knowledge, experience and insights to enhance and develop this industry.

There are various fields of information catalogued in this online project including the creator credits, reprints, story details and other salient info. These are basic or advanced data, which are all useful and significant for comic book readers and buffs, comic fans, scholar and comic collectors among others. It is also a non-profit organization, which was incorporated and established in Arkansas.

GCD is a project based in the internet, which has valuable features and specifications. For instance, it is responsible for key story or creator information. The data gathered and systematically listed are intended for the use of fans, readers, researchers and hobbyists. The creator information category is inclusive of the salient data such as everything about inkers, writers, letterers, colorists, pencillers and editors. On the other hand, the story information gallery showcases features such as the title, genre of the story, characters, and page count. It also highlights the feature of the story, plot and the short synopsis.

Since it tackles everything about the comic industry and production, you could also get ideas and info about text articles, letter columns, advertising and character profiles. There are also galleries that take you to the world of the publishers of the comics, the publication date and price. GCD is an internet-based catalog where you also discover about the cover image of a specific comic.

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