What is GCD cap?

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World of Warcraft or “WoW” is a very popular MMORPG type of game. MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game and players around the world have loved this particular game for 10 years now. The game basically allows players to play a certain character or avatar and fight with the game environment or other online players. Each character or avatars have special abilities and powers that can be used to progress in the game and win different battles. Part of the game’s feature is called GCD or global cool down. This particular feature simply refers to the temporary inability to use all class powers and spells in the game. Whenever a particular player has used up a certain spell for example, he/she may not be able cast a spell or power with the GCD feature. Global cooldowns typically expire at around 1.5 seconds for all classes of players. This time-limit for the global cooldown is the GCD cap. This cap simply means that players of the game just need to wait a maximum of 1.5 seconds before they can use a certain spell, power, or ability.

With GCD cap in World of Warcraft, players may need to strategize their moves as they encounter monsters, complete certain quests, or battle with other players. A delay or waiting time of 1.5 seconds is considered quite too long for many players especially when they are engaged in battle or fight scenes. Almost all classes though have a GCD cap or limit of 1.5 seconds. For some players who wish to shorten the waiting time or GCD cap, they may also take advantage of the Haste feature in the World of Warcraft. Through Haste, players may shave off half a second of the standard GCD cap and only wait for a full 1 second before certain spells can be cast or used. With Haste, attack speeds and casting speeds will become a little bit faster even when GCD is active.

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