What is GBH?

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GBH is harm caused by intention. It is penalized under section 18 and 20 in English law codes. GBH is an abbreviation of grievous bodily harm, and it is a harm caused by someone who has strong and revengeful intentions and harms the opponent physically. Wounds are usually not considered a gruesome crime and people often escape the penalty after hurting someone mildly or causing light injury. But in English law code there is no escape from such bodily assault. Wounds are considered very minor injuries when only upper layers of the body part gets scratched or hurt.

GBH covers a large number of injuries such as scratches, grazes, abrasion, swelling, minor bruising, reddening of skin, a black eye, or superficial cuts. GBH means serious bodily harm, but the decision is not rested with the assaulter; in fact it is decided by the judge and law. These serious injuries can stay for a lifetime and cause permanent disability. Limbs or some body parts can be broken or displaced, and fractures also come under GBH. Minor fractures, cheek bones broken, teeth broken, fractured skull or any such bodily harm comes under GBH.

This kind of harm cannot be avoided or ignored; rather the criminal should get the required punishment. English law doesn’t let loose such crime and the victim gets his/her due right. Usually GBH happens during domestic assaults like fighting between wife and husband, brother and sister, parents and children, in-laws, or boss and employee. Usually GBH is a simple crime but any simple or trivial crime can take the shape of a huge crime, hence it is important for us to stop any such small or big crimes then and there.

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