What is GarageBand?

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GarageBand refers to an application which enables users to produce music or podcasts. The developer of this software is Apple Inc., which created this for iOS and OS X devices. Aside from allowing the creation of music, GarageBand can also provide music lessons to the users. The software application’s system for creating podcasts and music also comes with loops that are pre-made, automatic drummer, MIDI keyboards, different effects that can be added to the tracks, as well as a feature for voice recording. Except for sound formats that are 8-bits or lower, GarageBand is made to support any type of sound format.

Audio recording can be performed in this software because it is a digital audio workstation and music sequencer, which also allows the enhancement of audio tracks with the use of special effects. Some examples of effects include distortion, reverb, and echo. There is also a feature that is somehow similar to Auto-Tune, which helps users correct the pitch and improve the audio.

In addition to audio recording, this application also includes realistic musical instruments and synthesizers. Through these features, the user can make his own compositions and play music via the on-screen keyboard, USB MIDI keyboard that is linked to a PC, or a standard keyboard. The software modeled synthesizers in GarageBand are divided into two groups, namely, digital and analog synthesizers.

Starting from GarageBand ’09, there is an added feature which enables users to download guitar and piano music lessons from the Lesson Store. There are music lessons called Basic Lessons, which can be downloaded for free; and there are also Artist Lessons which are needed to be purchased for the user to gain access. Both kinds of music lessons involve a high quality video which shows a teacher presenting the lesson and instructions. Moreover, the correct positioning of the fingers and the musical notations will also be taught.

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