what is gannett?

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Gannett Company, Inc. is an international and publicly traded media holding company. It is the biggest U.S. newspaper publisher as measured by the number of total daily circulation. The company also owns a number of prominent assets such as the national publication, USA Today and the weekly journal, USA Weekend. Other compelling newspapers that are part of the 82 publications owned by Gannet includes but not limited to The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Indianapolis Star, The Courier-Journal in Louisville and the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester.

It is simply one of the largest and most geographically diverse local media company in the United States. Not only does the company dominate in the publication and print media, they also have broadcast media, the Gannett Broadcasting, Inc., which is a network of large group of companies that is affiliated with CBS and NBC. With over 23 television stations, they are able to cover more than 18% of the United States. More than 110 million people every month are engaged and served by Gannet.

The company was founded by Frank Gannett in 1923, in Rochester, NY. Before being relocated to Arlington County in 1986, Rochester was the headquarters of the company. Later in 2001, the company moved to Tysons Corner, Washington, D.C. He gained fame and fortune by acquiring small independent publications and developing them into a chain of large companies. By 1979, Gannett’s chain of newspapers had grown to 79 different publications. This trend in the 20th century helped the local media remain financially feasible. In the same year, Gannett bought Combined Communications Corp.

Since the company has a large and diverse portfolio of trusted brands, this provided a very powerful brand advantage among other companies. The Gannett Company covers a very wide range of demographics and content areas, and is spread all throughout the U.S.

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