What is Ganache?

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Ganache is a baking term that refers to mixed melted chocolate and cream that is often used to glaze desserts as well as pastries. Ganache can also be used a cake filling especially for chocolate truffles. It is common to encounter the term ganache in many cookbooks or the menu sets of restaurants since it is very popular all over the world.

Making a ganache means that a baker places the chocolate under heat until the chocolate completely melts. And then the baker can start pouring it as a finishing to a dessert. The texture of a ganache is smooth and glossy. The addition of the cream makes the mixture a lot smoother compared to using just plain chocolate.

Ganache explained

Those who would like to use ganache to top off their desserts or as a filling should make sure that it is poured over the dessert while the mixture is still warm. The mixture of melted chocolate and cream is not pourable when it is cold.

But a cooled ganache also has other functions since it becomes firm and can still melt in the mouth and tongue easily. A cooled ganache is often used for chocolate truffles or as a filling for other goodies that is in need of chocolate confections.

There are bakers who prefer to whip up the ganache until it reaches a consistency that is mouse-like. This is possible by beating the ganache using a mixer for a couple of minutes and then stop the mixing when it already fluffy and light. A mouse-like ganache can be used as a filling for pastries as well as the cake.

Each baker uses a different ratio of chocolate and cream in making their ganache. The ratio of the two depends on the end purpose of the baker for the ganache; whether it will be used as a dessert topping or as a filling.

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