What is fye?

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In online chat rooms and social networking sites, many people have encountered the term fye but do not actually understand its meaning.  Some people wonder whether it’s a new term or simply a shortened phrase.  For the most part, when fye is used in a sentence, it simply refers to something that one really likes or approves of.  In a simpler sense, fye means something good or something cool.

Fye may be used to describe various things that are liked or approved of.  It may be used to describe a food item that is considered very delicious.  When a person is able to taste a new burger variant or flavor for example, he/she may exclaim that this particular burger is so fye.  Instead of saying that the burger tastes delicious, one may opt to use the new term fye in replacement for delicious.

People who are admired by others may also get the so-called fye complement.  A lady who is deemed sexy or beautiful may be described as someone very fye.  A student who consistently excels in class may also be called as “so fye”.  People who excel in different fields or professions are also labelled as fye because they are branded as likeable and cool individuals.

There are also instances though that fye or FYE is used as a shortened phrase for “for your entertainment”.  Whenever a person for example offers a friend various tasks or suggestions for leisure purposes, the term FYE may be used.   Like in the case of a friend offering various DVDs to another person when they have nothing else to do, using FYE or For Your Entertainment may be an appropriate remark to make.  In order to understand conversations or sentences with the word or term “fye”, one may just try to read between the lines and get the actual meaning.

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