What is FVWM95?

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FVWM95 is a type of window manager for the X Windows System.  This system is a separate platform from standard Windows operating systems and allows for the installation of a window manager from third-party software developers.  One such window manager is called FVWM95 and it resembles that of standard Windows 95 operating system.  FVWM95 is commonly used for non-Windows platforms like Unix or Linux.

For system developers and programmers, using various software platforms is a common thing. With most personal computers installed with standard Windows software, some non-windows users may need to manage some items with a familiar tool like a Windows manager.  FVWM95 is one type of window manager that is very easy and efficient in terms of handling customizations on platforms that run on Linux systems or those that are Unix-like.  With the easy and familiar setup of Windows 95, customizations and switching between windows through FVWM95 is made very easy and quick.  The best advantage of having FVWM95 is that it only requires a small amount of the computer’s resources or computing ability in order to complete tasks.  Customizations on various window components on Unix platforms can be done with very minimal processing power.  This feature made FVWM95 a very popular window manager for many Linux-based platforms.  One platform called Red Hat Linux version 5.0 use FVWM95 as the default window manager for customization tasks.

The use of FVWM95 also allows taskbar functionality similar to standard Windows 95 systems. This simply means that users can easily switch between windows with FVWM95.  People need not create icons for each window tool or application in order to access them because of the taskbar functionality provided by the window manager.  This window manager is also widely popular because it allows virtualization of desktops. With FVWM95, multiple desktops or workspaces can be managed easily to help with organization and customization tasks between different windows.

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