What is FVRCP?

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What is FVRCP?
FVRCP is quite a long term, standing for feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR), calcivirus infection (C), and panleukopenia (P). this is a series of vaccination given to household cats in order to prevent certain diseases.

FVRCP injections are administered to kittens as early as 6-8 weeks of age. During this early age, a series of four vaccinations are administered, with three weeks between each vaccination. After this initial four vaccines, it is then administered annually for the rest of the cat’s life. FVR deals with rhinotracheitis, an upper respiratory infection caused by a feline type 1 herpes virus. This virus is airborne and can be easily contracted by cats. There are many complications that can arise from rhinotracheitis, including death.

Calciviruses cause a range of diseases from simple infections to pneumonia. It is easily transmitted from one cat to another by sharing bowls, blankets, cages or even brushes. Panleukopenia on the other hand is a dangerous condition that has a notoriously high mortality rate. Also known as feline distemper or infectious feline enteritis, this strain of virus is very resistant and can linger in an environment for up to one year. The administration of the vaccine is very effective in combating panleukopenia.

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