What is FVRCP Vaccine for Cats?

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What is FVRCP Vaccine for Cats?
FVRCP is a vaccine administered to cats and kittens in order to prevent some of the most common viruses affecting felines, as well as improve their immunity. FVRCP stands for feline viral rhinotracheitis (stands for FVR), feline calcivirus (stands for C) and panleukopenia (which stands for P). Kittens begin their vaccination as young as six to eight weeks of age, four shots spaced 3 weeks apart. After this initial series of shots, they then should be given booster shots annually.

Feline viral rhinotracheitis is a highly contagious disease that is cause by a feline herpes virus. Left untreated, this could cause severe upper respiratory infection and eye damage. Feline calcivirus is another highly contaguous disease which is actually airborne and is one of the leading causes of upper respiratory conditions in cats. Panleukopenia is a dangerous condition wherein the cats usually get conditions in the gastrointestinal tract, which causes diarrhea, dehydration and malnutrition which can lead to death. It has a 90% mortality rate for kittens, regardless of treatment.

Because of the highly contagious nature of the diseases, it is important to administer the FVRCP vaccine for cats especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors.

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