What is fuyu fruit?

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Fuyu fruit is a term used for persimmon, a very nutritious fruit that is native to China. This particular fruit is also nicknamed as the “fruit of the Gods” owing to the fruit family it belongs to. “Diospyros” is the genus of the fruit which fuyu or persimmon belongs to and it supposedly translates to “fruit of the Gods”. For fruit experts, the fuyu fruit is actually one type of persimmon. The fuyu variety is considered to be palatable whether ripe or unripe. The other variety of persimmon is called hachiya and this type can only be eaten when fully ripe.

From China, the fuyu fruit has reached the shores of Japan thousands of years ago. Many people in modern times actually associate the fruit with Japan because it is actually the country’s national fruit. These brightly colored fruit also reached other countries including the US and many parts of Europe making it very popular. Fuyu or persimmon typically has a deep orange skin with very sweet flesh especially when ripe.

The best thing about persimmons or fuyu fruit is that it provides various nutrients without packing too much calories. Fuyu is also rich in various anti-oxidants including gallocatechins and betulinic acid. These substances are very essential for the body in terms of fighting against cancer-causing free radicals. Persimmon also contains a healthy dose of Vitamin C along with potassium, manganese, thiamine, folic acid, beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene. The fruit’s zea-xanthin content is also said to be very helpful in promoting eye health especially to the retinal macula.

Aside from the fuyu fruit, the fuyu or persimmon tree is also very useful in the manufacture of home and wood panels. This is especially true for countries like Korea and Japan where persimmon wood can commonly be found in various home furniture and walls. In other parts of the world, the fuyu type of wood is also used in the making of mallets, drumsticks, and golf clubs among many other things.

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