What is FUSE?

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What is FUSE?
FUSE refers to “Filesystem in Userspace”, a kernel module designed to allow non-authenticated users to develop filing systems without having to change the codes in a particular kernel. This module is also developed for operating systems that are “Unix-like” or compatible with it. Even if a person does not know anything about programming using kernel modules, he/she can still create a filesystem using FUSE in Linux-based platforms, OpenSolaris, NetBSD, and Mac OS X.

Creating filesystems is an essential part of computer applications and processes since it involves data management and storage. With a filesystem intact, one can easily store and organize files and different directories. It will also make it easier for users to retrieve and/or access several files on the filesystem setup. But in the past, the creation of filesystems was somewhat restricted to those familiar with kernel programming. Because of this limitation, FUSE was created and developed to help virtually anyone to develop a fully functional system without having to learn the complexities of kernel programming and codes.

With FUSE, one has access to a very simple library API or application program interface. Installation of this particular application is also made easy and simple to do as there is no complicated patching of files involved. Kernel recompilation is also not necessary since FUSE allows for the creation of filesystems without editing kernel code. Users also don’t have to worry of the reliability of FUSE since this application is developed be secure and stable. It even allows non-privileged users to access the filesystem without compromising data security and platform stability. Another good thing about FUSE is that it allows for the creation of a virtual type of filesystem. This simply means that data and information are stored “in the cloud” rather than being saved on hard disks. In this context, FUSE serves to translate an existing file for proper viewing by the user.

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