What is fufufu?

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Fufufu is a Japanese translation for “hahaha” when laughing. Most of the time, the term fufufu is used as some kind of evil laughing but added with a humorous twist. The use of this term is usually applicable in situations wherein a person is trying to make fun of somebody else or plotting a practical joke on another person. Instead of the usual “hahaha” to denote laughter and humor, some Japanese use the term “fufufu” instead. There are also some people who use fufufu only for very evil type of laughter against somebody or a situation.

The use of fufufu as a so-called laughing phrase is said to be popularized in Japanese manga series. Manga is Japan’s own comic book written in their own language. Manga series is very popular in Japan as it caters to not only children but also teenagers and young adults. Stories range from typical childhood superheroes to the life-like stories of teenage kids living in the real world. With so many characters in Japanese manga using the term “fufufu”, normal people have caught on with the craze and use it in everyday phrases to have an alternative for the more generic “hahaha”. Instead of simply laughing at somebody or a funny situation, some would blurt out “fufufu”. This is especially noticeable for the younger Japanese crowd who spend much of their time chatting with friends or viewing posts and making comments on social networking sites.

Aside from the internet world, the phrase “fufufu” is also popular because it is used by some characters in Pokémon, a very popular Japanese computer game. This particular game has become widely popular that the characters were also made to appear in their own TV series. Pokémon has also become a huge merchandising brand because of its characters. With some characters using fufufu for laughing, the game has become even more popular and still relevant in Japanese pop culture.

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