What is FRx Software?

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What is FRx Software?

FRx Software refers to the Microsoft-owned company or the suite of software products that can be used by companies and organizations that may need help in financial analysis. The company is officially named as FRx Software Corporation and forms part of Microsoft’s Business Solutions. The FRx Software suite meanwhile contains FRx and FRx Forecaster which are both useful for small and medium-sized companies in terms of their financial reporting and analysis needs.

FRx was first released backed in 1991 for DOS-based computers. About two years later, the Windows version of this application was made available to the public. The development of the FRx software continued over the years with integration to numerous general ledger accounting systems. Along with the Microsoft Forecaster, FRx allows for easy automation of office tasks that are considered too time-consuming and tedious. Among these tasks involves budget plans, the use of spreadsheets, financial reports, and business analysis. With the Microsoft FRx Software suite, productivity across different employees from different departments will be increased.

Microsoft FRx is a valuable tool when it comes to financial reporting applications. This application is also made very simple to help businesses save costs on having to consult with IT specialists and administrators. FRx may also be taken advantaged of by several users including accountants, controllers, and even executives. Microsoft FRx has even become the financial reporting standard for small and medium sized enterprises. On the other hand, Microsoft FRx Forecaster is the application of choice when trying to plan or create budget solutions for a particular company. This application can also be easily integrated with existing accounting systems leading to easy and quick implementation. So in a short period, users of the Microsoft FRx software suite will be able to fully automate certain accounting tasks with the added benefit of reliable financial reports, planning, and budgeting solutions.

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