What is Froyo?

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What is Froyo?
Froyo is actually a short term for frozen yoghurt, which is also used as another term for Android 2.2. Therefore, Froyo is an operating system for Android. Froyo is a major upgrade to the Android OS. Since Froyo was coined from the phrase frozen yoghurt, the symbol used for the OS upgrade was a beautiful frozen yoghurt.

Froyo is the successor of the Éclair, which is the older version of Android OS. The Éclair is otherwise the same as the Android 2.1. The new Android OS successor will make a giant leap forward for mobile devices running under the Android OS. If you love Éclair, you would probably love Froyo more.
So what are the remarkable features does Froyo has to offer?

  • Froyo offers a big improvement in the speed department. The Android 2.2 uses Dalvik Java Virtual Machine, which is known to utilize the extremely optimized Just In Time (JIT) compiler.
  • It is also equipped with Google’s V8, a new JavaScript engine for its browser. It is considered the fastest mobile browser around the world, reaching twice or thrice the speed of JavaScript execution time. This made the Android superior when it comes to responsiveness.
  • It can not only be used as a modem for your laptop but it can function as WiFi device making it possible for several laptops connect to the internet using your Android phone.
  • There are several great improvements in the user interface department.
  • For privacy reasons, the Froyo is equipped with Remote Wipe feature. This feature allows the owner to wipe the mobile device at the event that it was stolen or lost.
  • Backing up of important data has drastically improved. Froyo is featured with a backup system that includes all third party apps data.
  • It is also featured with Cloud-to-device messaging, which means if you are using your desktop for surfing and needs to leave in a hurry, you can simply push the webpage on your Android phone and you may continue surfing the website on your mobile device.
  • It features full support of Adobe’s Flash 10.1.
  • The new OS also allows storing apps using the extended memory such as your SD cards. The result is that more apps can be stored and utilized.
  • It has an enhanced car dock feature that makes it easier for navigation while driving.
  • Camcorder is now equipped LED flash for shooting videos in low light.
  • Improved graphics capabilities due to OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • Simultaneously updates apps all at the same time or set them to update automatically.
  • Voice recognition was greatly improved.
  • Locking the device using PIN codes is now accepted
  • A new app to search theaters is also a nice feature of this new Android. The good thing is that the app will also show you a map on how to go to a nearby restaurant from the theater. But it just does not stop right there, the app also allows you to call the restaurant by showing you a big button that will connect you directly to the restaurant.
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